Move over Millennial Pink, there's a new hue in town...

Katy Ennis-Hargreaves, Cry Havoc's Creative Director, looks at 5 key themes for homes and interiors for Spring/Summer 2020

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As a new decade dawns, it brings with it a brand new, optimistic hue. While the appetite for pastel, gelato tones shows no signs of stopping in 2020 – there’s a hot new colour in town to get excited about for Spring and Summer. It’s no longer millennial pink or gen-z yellow, but a more gender neutral, calm and thoughtful hue.


1. Hue are you?

Introducing… Neo Mint. It might sound like a new kind of crypto-currency, but this calm colour has sprung off the back of the millennial pink movement to herald the new decade. It’s set to be hugely prevalent across both fashion and interiors in the first half of next year – so expect to see it all over Pinterest.


Its crisp, fresh tone is all about calm optimism in our frenzied, digital world – something I’m particularly interested in. So personally, I expect to see good vibes emanating from this tone.


WGSN predicted the hue from “extensive research into street fashion, big data, current affairs and social media” and describe it as an “oxygenating, fresh tone that harmonises science and technology with nature.”


The simple strive to get back to nature is already particularly common in the spring months with the abundance of green shades. So, with many predicting the focus of 2020 to be about ‘futurism’ – a calm, fresh, green colour is exactly what’s needed.

From a fashion perspective, Neo Mint embodies the surge towards tones with gender-neutral appeal, especially when it comes to interiors. Mint has traditionally been a tone for bathrooms, but also lends itself to a cool bedroom when paired with more neutral and monotone hues – and of course has the longevity that ultra violet purple did not. (Although we will see similar shades return, with lilac and lavender becoming more common in 2020)


Of course, fashion moves faster than interiors – but the inevitable drip-down will see home accessories and accents appearing in-stores soon. But the biggest question is, what will they look like? As we know, colour trends come and go with each season. Fashion and interiors consistently change and respond to consumer desires. And currently, it seems what consumers desire most is change, calm and simplicity across the board. Maybe we should blame Brexit?

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With that in mind, it’s interesting to see that Graham and Brown’s colour of 2020 is Adeline. A rich bottle-green, also described as an ‘'oxygenating, fresh tone' – it’s designed to balance the amount of technology seeping into the home.

“The colour pinpoints the deepest leaf green in the Bloomsbury wallpaper and amplifies it, channelling the lively country gardens and whimsical interiors favoured by the Bloomsbury Group.”

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Meanwhile, Dulux has opted for something softer and cooler with its new     

hue ‘Tranquil Dawn’. A tone much more aligned to Neo Mint, the breakout star of 2020.


After the darker and deeper luxe tones of Autumn/Winter 2019, and the botanical movement of a year or two ago – it’s going to be very interesting to see which shade of green will be most popular. It’s the age-old question – cool or rich?

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2. Begin with Biophilia

Sounds scary – but it really isn’t. A word we are seeing more and more when it comes to interior. Biophilia simply means our instinct to be closer to nature. With the growing desire to add greenery in our homes, and the surge in popularity of houseplants as vertical living walls, it’s one we can see ourselves using more and more often.


It can be any greenery too – not just the classic cheese plant (although this is my go-to plant that I can't easily kill) but ferns and spider plants are on the rise, joining their already-popular cacti and aloe Vera pals.

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3. From Lago with Love

We’ve all heard enough about Danish ‘hygge’ to last a lifetime, but what about its stylish Swedish cousin – Lago? Translating to ‘just the right amount’ or ‘not too much, not too little,’ it’s a concept that’s resonating with many of us. In terms of interiors, it can be interpreted as ditching clutter, fuss and embellishment and favouring a simpler, more curated look. *Reaches for my Marie Kondo book *


The key to getting the curated look? Regular de-cluttering of your home, as well as embracing natural and sustainable materials. It’s a concept that can slot neatly into a ton of interior styles already (except ones that promote abundance), and can even create some striking visuals if paired with calmer tones and simple accent hues.

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4. Natural Materials Matter

Futurism might be the colourful focus of 2020, but sustainability is hot on its heels, with a focus on natural and organic materials.


Forget fast, throwaway furniture, consumers are looking for well-made, quality pieces that are designed with longevity in mind. Price isn’t the priority here. If the home is our haven, it’s no surprise we want to adorn it with stunning pieces that feel special to us.

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5. Feeling Blue

The sea themes, beach shades and shore styles we are seeing at the end of 2019, show no signs of disappearing in Spring/Summer 2020. In fact, they’re set to reach new heights with the appearance of Purist Blue, ready to take over interior trends and catwalks everywhere. Softer and sunnier than the cobalt of recent seasons, it also has a coolness that feels crisp and contemporary too.

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