Solgar & Nature’s Bounty Global content partner

Cry Havoc have partnered with The Nature’s Bounty Company to work across two of their leading global brands - Solgar and Nature’s Bounty. Targeting two specific and different audiences, we create campaign video, photography and design across multiple channels, which is then rolled out across global territories.

We have created beautiful brand films for Solgar, telling the #Solgarstories of brand advocates, that have been used across digital and as TV idents. Through the production process we delivered cut-downs, teasers and multiple language versions. Our team set the framework and structure, so that any global territory could pick up and add in localised content to make sure the films resonated with their customers.

For both brands, we have transformed the social channels, the content we create is all digital first, but crafted in such a way to build a valuable bank of brand assets that can be deployed anywhere, across any channel. Our create once, use often mantra is only achieved through careful planning and a strategic approach to content creation.

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